- Site Engineering Workbook

Site Engineering Workbook

 - Site Engineering Workbook
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A study guide to help you master the principles and practices of site engineering Whether used in conjunction with the Sixth Edition of Site Engineering for Landscape Architects or on its own, this Workbook is an invaluable learning resource for students and instructors, as well as for professionals studying for the LARE and other licensing exams. Organized into chapters that correspond with those in the textbook, the Workbook offers: Practice questions, problems, and review exercises designed to reinforce site engineering concepts Site and grading diagrams that make it possible to apply site engineering concepts in a practical way Four types of questions—observations, short answer, long answer, and graphic exercises—that offer opportunities to approach the material from varied angles and levels of complexity Answers to workbook problems, provided online via an instructor's site Designed for the needs of both students and professionals, this Workbook makes it easier than ever for you to quickly master the principles and practices involved in today's environmentally sound site engineering.

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